The Company

Kirill N.
Tukhtikov, Director General, Pba Consult
Kirill N. Tukhtikov,
Director General,
Pba Consult

If you are not sure that improving the management processes in your business will save you money and help you earn more, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Pba is a privately owned company founded by the shareholders and top-managers of the Parus Corporation—the leader in the Russian IT market. The goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of medium-size and large enterprises of the growing Russian economy for information tools in business management. The company’s specialists have wide-ranging and successful experience in developing integrated management systems for oil-and-gas, petrochemical, chemical, machine-building, metallurgical and mining companies.

Pba’s main lines of business are: automation of business using software solutions from such companies as SAP AG, Oracle, Documentum, Parus and other vendors, IT consulting and integration, and business consulting. Our experts professionally solve the tasks of strategic business management while quickly and effectively managing basic production processes, financial streams, sales and relations with clients, work groups and information streams (document workflow).

Working in partnership with us will allow you to achieve the desired results within the required time and to maximally reduce project risks associated with the implementation of required changes in the company management structure.

Our professional approach to the tasks of increasing business efficiency makes it possible to minimize the time your employees spend on the project and ensures continuity and reliability of project solutions.

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