When offering to Customers integrated solutions to the key problems of business management, Pba proceeds from the following principles :

  • Priority of the addressed problem for the business management as a whole;
  • High competence level in the problem specific area;
  • Importance to the Customer of the available solution and experience in its introduction;
  • Minimum of resources necessary to adapt and put the solution into productive operation.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to use the most advanced tools and methods of management available in today's IT market.

Areas of competence

Strategic management

Management by key parameters of effectiveness

Administrative accounting

Business accounting

Finance accounting and taxation

Finance and business analysis

Planning and production

Planning of material needs

Planning of sales and operations

Procurement and production

Balancing of production capacities

Final gathering and delivery

Marketing, sales and servicing



After-sales service

Market analysis

Personnel management

Management of professional development cycle of employees

Career management

Incentives and motivation

Personnel wages

Management of assets and investments

Management of capital investments

Management of subsidiaries and affiliates

Management of portfolio investments

Management of venture projects

Supporting processes

Material supply

Transport infrastructure of business

Information supply and IT infrastructure

Protection of labor and environment

Technical maintenance and repairs of equipment

Document workflow

Our specialization in a proven range of high priority areas in the management of modern companies allows us to quickly and effectively fulfill the set objectives with minimal risks, in a transparent and convenient manner for the Customer.

The methodological and functional completeness of Pba solutions is ensured by the comprehensive approach used by our specialists when rendering services, the modern hardware-software platforms used as a basis for project solutions and the unique advantages that set our services apart.

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