Automation of business

Introduction of integrated enterprise management systems based on mySAP Business Suite, Parus, and software platforms from other vendors.

The result of building or reforming any organization is an increased capability to gather and analyze the up-to-date information used to prepare and make administrative decisions. An integrated and automated enterprise management system is a necessary tool to increase the reliability and timeliness of the information streams used by the company administration for planning and management. The suite of services offered by Pba allows you to obtain such tools in due time, in accordance with business requirements, and to minimize unproductive costs and project risks during project development.

  • Project preparation.
    Predesign work is devoted to the initial planning and preparation of the project. This stage allows us to determine the basic areas of automation which require special attention, to coordinate the main project procedures and determine the launch strategy.
  • Requirement specification.
    This stage allows us, based on the information submitted by the customer during complex inspection of the company, to gather and record the requirements of the future automated information management system which provides a basis for decision-making on the system architecture and functionality.
  • Development of conceptual project.
    The purpose of this stage is to create a conceptual draft of the system,—a document that determines the general architecture of the future system and serves as an overview of how the customer’s company will conduct business using this system.
  • Technical and business modelling.
    This allows us to check how comprehensive the carryover of existing business processes in the projected system will be and coordinate basic approaches to the automation of key business procedures.
  • Training users to work with the system components.
    This allows us to prepare the needed number of work group members, key and end users of the Customer for participating in the project, working with the system and its subsequent support. Training is conducted in the form of group seminars or individually.
  • Delivery, setup, completion and adaptation of the system components.
    This is the fundamental stage of the project, when the needed parametrical adjustments and completion of the used software are carried out, with the purpose of ensuring the readiness of the full-function system model for testing and entering initial data.
  • Preparation of the system for productive operation.
    This stage is used to carry out final check, testing of system administration operations and preparation for productive start, in order to finally confirm the system readiness for the beginning of commercial operation. The stage also enables us to resolve all currently unresolved critical problems.
  • Productive operation and technical support of the system.
    Launching the system into operation allows us to proceed from the stage of testing and checks to the stage of actual system operation. Support of end users is organized, and monitoring and optimization of system productivity is carried out. Advanced automation technologies used by Pba experts guarantee reliable and stable work of the information system after the project completion, with minimum participation of the supplier in the system technical support process and with maximally effective involvement of the Customer’s own IT team in the process.
  • Efficiency analysis of the system use and development.
    Services provided by Pba allow you to use the system potential with maximum efficiency, through fast and effective consulting and technical support of users and the operating environment. Organizational and functional changes associated with business development and legislative norms are reflected in the system as a result of its optimization and further functional development.
  • ABAP-outsourcing.
    Pba Consult offers you to take advantage of our unique ABAP-outsourcing service. Our highly-competent managers, analysts and programmers are accessible within the framework of this service for ABAP-appendices development, testing, documenting and productive operation support. ABAP-outsourcing service allows you to realize your SAP-system extra functions, thus reducing the cost and risks of your whole project.
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