Business Consulting

The customers of consulting services are shareholders and top-managers of the companies, as well as heads of functional departments responsible for effective business management. Business consulting allows you to have a fresh look at the existing system of business organization and, by analyzing its strong and weak points, opportunities and risks, to optimize available tools for managing the company’s essential business processes and to create new tools if needed. In order to solve the tasks of increasing business efficiency, Pba’s experts provide the following services:

  • Express diagnostics of the company’s organizational and functional structure.
    This enables us to carry out basic efficiency analysis of the company’s existing management system, reveal the main problematic areas in the structure of business processes and formulate proposals for changes that should be introduced into the existing organizational model, with an aim to increase the company’s business efficiency.
  • Systematic inspection of the company’s activity.
    This means gathering and analyzing the information on the company’s operational structure and the interaction of its divisions to find out the reasons for insufficient business development by revealing superfluous and wrongly organized business processes, and prepare an information base for subsequent improvement and/or automation of the company’s activity.
  • Financial and economic analysis.
    The ultimate goal of financial and economic analysis is the assurance that information stated in reports and data sheets for the company management, investors and creditors is true and contains a description of all material facts, including the areas of potential risks.
  • Development and launch of the company management system based on key efficiency factors.
    This allows you to increase transparency and comprehension of business management processes, by directing them towards actual realization of the company strategy, by developing a management system based on the method of interconnected balanced parameters of the company’s activity (Balanced Scorecard). Formulation of the company strategy as a system of measured target reference points increases the present and future productivity of the company thanks to a synergetic effect from the co-directional business efforts of each division and employee of the company.
  • Development and optimization of financial administration rules, introduction of budgeting system.
    This solves the tasks of construction and optimization of business processes forming the area of finance management, regulates and simplifies the procedures of planning, budgeting, effective management of payments and accounts receivable and payable.
  • Optimization and engineering of business processes.
    Based on the available information (“as it is” model) of the company’s existing management model and with the purpose of increasing economic efficiency, the “as it will be” model is developed, with the purpose of optimizing information streams, developing and/or bringing into order the normative base, and determining the procedure of operative management decision-making in the company.
  • Introduction of expense management system. Reduction of expenses.
    This allows us to reveal the sources of financial losses and reserves for lowering the cost price of basic production, by comparing the company’s economic efficiency parameters and introducing modern methods for regulation of expenses and management (controlling).
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