It is hardly necessary to prove once again that the process of developing or changing (reforming) a business management system for a company or a group of companies can be organized only as a project. The project will include all the attributes peculiar to its concept: purpose, plan, leaders, risks, resources, and criteria for evaluating results.

The realization of such complex projects as developing management and workflow systems based on such software platforms as mySAP Business Suite, mySAP All-in-One, Parus, Documentum, is usually considered to be a difficult-to-organize and resource-intensive process, with project risks seriously influencing the business development, market position and competitiveness of the company being reorganized.

The purpose of Pba is to prove, using its experience and technological advantages, that your project of launching a new business management system based on software like mySAP Business Suite, mySAP All-in-One, Parus or Documentum, is headed for success, and that the problems today which are hampering effective and strategic management have a solution, and probably a simpler one than you previously thought.

By choosing a partnership with Pba to improve your business management system, you will not only receive ready-to-use software from leading foreign and domestic vendors, but also be able to avail themselves of the unique advantages of our company:

  • High speed of project launch and fixed project costs reduce the project risks and the involvement in the project of the intellectual and financial resources of your company.
  • 10 years of successful experience in the corporate management systems market for the oil-and-gas, chemical, metallurgical and machine engineering industries.
  • Reduction of system launch costs through the integration of different products selected according to your specific business needs.
  • Expertise in the fields of production and finance management, strategic operation of business and corporation.
  • Using the experience of leading foreign and domestic firms, products and technologies, guaranteeing prompt business results from implementing the project.
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