Services provided by Pba will allow you to successfully overcome the problems faced by the top-managers of many companies:

  • Imperfect management system, organizational and information structure;
  • Shortage of internal and external investment resources;
  • Increased investment and production risks;
  • Low competitiveness of the company;
  • Drawbacks in the employee’s motivation structures and insufficient orientation of personnel to the company’s strategic goals;
  • Inefficient logistical chains ;
  • Weakly structured and uncontrolled information streams;
  • Absence of a uniform information space.

Major results of completed projects:

  • Increased efficiency and quality of management decisions;
  • Comprehensiveness and reliability of financial and administrative management;
  • Reduction of production and investment risks;
  • Ensuring investment appeal of the company;
  • Higher speed of development and introduction of new products;
  • Increased effectiveness of sales system;
  • Reduction of operational costs and production prices;
  • Opportunity to introduce progressive methods of payment and employee incentives;
  •  Uniform information space of the company.
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