Information and technological consulting and integration

The company’s software/hardware infrastructure, based on the movement of good and reliable information streams, provides a basis for building a modern and effective enterprise management system. Such key figures within the company as Chief Information Officer, heads of IT departments, company branch offices and management boards are responsible for the processes providing modern business with quality information support. Services offered by Pba in the area of IT consulting and integration allow modern IT leaders with maximum effectiveness and convenience to complete the information development tasks of their businesses in dynamically changing situations.

  • Audit of existing hardware/software infrastructure and automation.
    The stage is important because of the need to have an exact preliminary estimation of the automation tasks facing the Customer and the analysis of requirements imposed on the infrastructure by the platforms and applications to be used. High quality audit makes it possible to optimize planned investments in future IT infrastructure and formulate basic recommendations as to the choice of its components.
  • Expertise and quality control of corporate information system projects.
    Independent project expertise is necessary to analyze how well the information system conforms to the Requirements Specification, urgent business needs, and effective standards of information security
  • Analysis of applicability of existing standard solutions to the industry specifics, the company structure and its major problems.
    The introduction of any information system is aimed at getting immediate business results from investments, therefore it is extremely important to use the best practices and ready project solutions offered by the company “Parus Business Architect,” which are based on successful experience in the development of information management systems.
  • Forming the company’s IT development strategy. Selecting automation tools and means.
    Ensuring full-scale modern IT support for all functions and processes of business aimed at boosting its competitive advantages guarantees successful realization of the business development strategy. The uniqueness of the approach offered by Pba consists of the possibility of developing the company’s IT strategy in detail, according to long-term business development plans and the vision of its shareholders and top-managers concerning the company’s future
  • Planning and engineering of the company’s communication infrastructure.
    In order to transform the costs of the company’s hardware/software infrastructure into effective investment, all purchases of the information system components must be done on the basis of the integrated plan for the company IT development. Preliminary planning and engineering of the future hardware/software architecture is a guarantee of transparency and efficiency of all projects associated with the development of the company information structure, organization of remote workplaces, and the organization of communication between geographically dispersed sections.
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