Why Pba?

Artem R. Pastushkov, Commercial
Director, Pba Consult
Artem R. Pastushkov,
Commercial Director,
Pba Consult

Choosing a reliable partner to carry out managerial tasks and increase business efficiency is the basis for success in the realization of the most daring ideas. Absence of sufficient guarantees, reliability and modernity in the chosen solutions are risks that cannot be justified.

Today, when technologies influence businesses, when business development often largely depends on used information systems, the combination of experience and quality becomes a necessary component in business success. Planning and managing the company activity in constantly varying market conditions, reduction and distribution of risks, optimization of investments, increasing profitability—these are the major business problems faced by companies’ management bodies.

We help management and owners to construct profitable and stable businesses, providing them with practical solutions for efficient company management.

Solutions from Pba are favorably distinguished by their unique advantages that guarantee you positive results when solving the most complex management tasks:

  • Practical experience in the development of integrated management solutions for holding companies and corporations, based on the integration of the best Russian and foreign practices, products and technologies from the leading vendors (SAP, Parus, Microsoft, and others).
  • 10 years experience of Pba’s experts and managers in the creation of information control systems for companies in the oil-and-gas, chemical, mining, metallurgical and machine-building industries.
  • We guarantee high speed project development, making it possible to reduce to a minimum the need to involve in the project the customer’s intellectual resources who play key roles in production processes.
  • Optimization of the information system launch and support costs through effective integration of different products and platforms.
  • Specialization in the fields of strategic business management, fast and effective planning and production management, finance management, sales management and relations with clients, management of document workflow.
  • Unique technologies of system launching, focused on quick results and the reduction of project risks, as well as providing maximum technological and financial efficiency of the solution for the Customer.

Pba is a reliable partner on the way to transforming your ideas into competitive advantages for your business.

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